What and Why: Health/Nutrition Coach?


(I hold a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and am currently earning a certificate in Integrative Nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.)

The difference between a nutritionist and a nutrition COACH is that as a coach, I am always up on the current research and findings, as opposed to the research that was taught from dated textbooks.  I also COACH & ENCOURAGE my clients, step by step, at their own pace to help them achieve their goals.  There is no cookie-cutter ‘one way’ to achieve your goals.  Each meeting/plan is very individualized.  What works for one person may not work for the next.  A baby step for one client could be too enormous for another.  People are motivated by different things – and that is important to fully grasp in order to help clients break down barriers to achieve their personal greatness.

Nutrition is, and always HAS been, my passion. I’ve always read everything I could get my hands on!  I’m obsessed with feeling my best, being healthy and looking my best.  I practice what I preach!  I’m my own guinea pig.  For so many years I’ve helped people achieve their goals just as a hobby because it gave me great fulfillment to watch people change and thrive!

As a coach, I look at and overhaul eating habits based on what they’re looking to improve. I can see what you’re eating wrong or right for maximum health and weight control and step-by-step, at whatever pace works for YOU, I will help you FIX IT.  Nutrition and Health counseling is truly my calling.   I’ve made it my #1 priority to KNOW what foods DO for you.  I am vigilant in my home and with my family about taking responsibility of your health thru nutrition.

Food is medicine. Why take pills for illnesses that could have been prevented in the first place (and even reversed!)?  How can you NOT care to eat your BEST when you KNOW that it will affect your long-term health, not to mention your day to day livelihood?

It’s crazy to go thru life overweight, sluggish, with stomach issues, fatigued…and go to doctors when you can resolve these things JUST by putting the right foods in your body.  That is where IAvril comes in.  You owe it to yourself to live life at your maximum potential of vibrancy and health – (and let’s face it! Who wouldn’t love the byproduct of being HOT & fit?).  Proper nutrition does all that!  I want to help you get there!

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