“The Quest for the Cure”


Over the past several months, I have been obsessed with these videos called The Quest for the Cure.  Ty Bollinger, who pioneered this video series, lost so many of his family members while watching them suffer, in his opinion – needlessly.   This fueled his determination to find a better way.   If you have 15 hours, I suggest you watch these because you will be blown away by what is uncovered here: http://www.cancertutor.com/cancer-documentary/ .   If you don’t have 15 hours to spare, here’s a recap!  Read on – it is truly fascinating! 

Why do I want to focus on cancer in a nutrition blog you ask?  First of all, approximately 39.6 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with this dreadful disease at some point of their lives.  That is almost half of our population.  And as it turns out, proper nutrition is critical for prevention.  Coincidentally, while eating for the purpose of upping your odds of fighting cancer, you will reap some pretty sexy side-effects; namely – a slimmer bod, a healthy libido and a feeling of wellbeing, just to name a few. 

“The Quest for the Cure” series addresses current mainstream cancer treatments and looks at pharmacology and the government’s role in what is considered common protocol after a cancer diagnosis.  What I love the most about these videos is that they don’t just look at treatment.  Their focus is on prevention.   And ideally, shouldn’t you put your energy into preventing instead of treating?  That is where it’s really at! 

How do you address prevention of cancer and of most diseases? Turns out, it really starts off with your immune system. If you have a strong immune system that is working for you, then mutated cells are flushed out making it impossible to wreak havoc on your health.  According to The Quest for the Cure, you cannot have both a healthy immune system AND cancer.  You have one or the other.  Certainly, doing what you can to build and maintain a strong immune system is in your absolute best interest.  When exposed to ANY illness or less-than-ideal environment that could lead to disease, a well-working immune system is your first line of defense.  Why does one person get sick all of the time and someone else exposed to the same things NEVER get sick?  That is because one immune system is healthy and the other is not.  So what can we do to GET that strong, healthy,well-working immune system?  Read on.

One thing that kept popping up by doctors and specialists in “The Quest…” was that antioxidants (found in foods such as grapes, berries, nuts, dark green veggies, sweet potatoes and orange veggies, green tea, beans…)  are among the best weapons in fighting cancer.  They neutralize free radicals, also known as cells gone awry.  Those antioxidants help to prevent cell and tissue damage that would otherwise lead to cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and a variety of other diseases.  Clearly, incorporating some of these foods into your everyday diet can pay dividends when it comes to the prevention of horrible ills!  Easy enough, right?  That’s one simple thing you can do right away to boost your body’s odds for winning a fist-fight with a nasty cancer cell!

What I found so fascinating about the findings in “The Quest…” is how in some cases, boosting immune systems was ALL a specialist focused on to cure cancer.  Chemo-therapy is known to weaken immune systems, making it harder to fight cancer systemically.  In “The Quest…”, there were patients cured SOLELY by doing things (that I will talk about in future blogs) that focused on strengthening one’s own immune system’s ability to fight and win.  That is what our bodies are programmed to do in the first place! 

As I mentioned earlier, nutrition plays a fundamental role in how well our bodies can fight all the icky stuff thrown our way.  Inflammation, caused by processed foods, sugar, saturated fat, among other things, compromise the very system meant to protect us!  This inflammation cam cause our bodies to turn ON bad genes.  A healthy diet comprised of a more plant-based nature, turns OFF bad genes.  Easy enough!  We all have genetic predispositions.  Just because I carry a gene in my DNA for something awful, doesn’t mean I HAVE to express that gene.  It has actually been PROVEN that we can turn on and off genes by what we eat!  Is that unbelievable?  Think about it!  That puts our health, in many cases, in our own control!!!

There is so much information that I want to pass along.  It’s so easy to go on tangents and just rattle off everything I’ve learned (like, do you know what a pet scan is and how it’s used to diagnose cancer? It’s basically sugar injected into the body to see where the cancer is located.  Since cancer FEEDS on sugar, it lights up on the scan showing where the activity is since the cancer is FEEDING on that sugar.  And do you know what someone is given after chemo-therapy to pep them up?  SUGAR!  They serve orange juice and cookies.  So they’ve just TREATED the cancer with chemo-therapy and totally compromised the immune system, and then they FEED the cancer cells with sugar, the very thing the cancer cells LOVE!  It’s maddening!  And THAT my friend, is a tangent.  I will try to avoid going on too many of those….).

I think it is so important that we take our health back and realize that there is a LOT we can do to PREVENT being sick.  Why focus on treatments when we can focus on PREVENTION. 

Okay, that’s my two cents for today.  More later on “The Quest for the Cure” cuz it was truly ……. FASCINATING!!


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