Starting Friday, Get Back To Your Inner ROCKSTAR!!


Get ready!  It’s coming!  MAJOR FOOD COMA!  But I actually can’t WAIT!  Once again, this year I’m prepared.  I’m totally armed with my food-hangover remedy and I’m gonna share it with all of you cuz I’m feeling the thanks-iness!  Let’s not store that fat we inhale at Thanksgiving!  Kay?  Here’s how we’re gonna do it!   It’s easy, I swear!

(CONTINUE READING HERE) So chances are you’re going to be a total glutton (LIKE ME) on Thursday.  But isn’t it great to go into this feast knowing we can counteract the damage we’re about to do?  WE CAN!  And it takes just ONE DAY (or two if you REALLY went nuts 🙄 ).  Starting on Friday, we’re going to REDIRECT those pounds – OUTTA HERE!  It’s kinda like buying those hot shoes but saving on the tax and shipping!

Here’s the deal.  Each meal should consist of low-starch veggies (i. e. eat as much of you want of all green veggies, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cauliflower, asparagus…   See ** below for starchy veggies to avoid!) and a healthy (lean) protein (not cheese!), and a touch (1-2 teaspoons) of a healthy fat!  Also, drink a TON of water – try to drink a gallon on the day or two you do this, (that’s really only 8 tall glasses!).  Water is necessary for beta-oxidation to occur, which is the way your body actually burns the fat!  And work out!  Even a brisk walk will do!   Just get your heart elevated for at least 45 minutes.  Just THINK of how that will maximize your fat burning!

Why does this work?  Here’s an over-simplified explanation of why this is incredibly effective: Carbs are the first energy source that your body uses.  Once you run out of carbs (or the form that humans store it in, glycogen), your body turns to another fuel source, FAT!   You’ve heard of runners ‘carb-loading’ before a race?  They’re actually doing the opposite of what I’m suggesting here!  They’re utilizing the energy from carbs to fuel their run since it’s the most readily, first used and controllable source of energy.  Once they burn thru their carbs for energy, they tend to ‘hit a wall’ – and their body is now tapping into their fat to fuel their run.  Fat is not the best source of energy if you’re looking to hit the road for a marathon.  However, if you WANT to get to that fat burning place immediately, skip the carbs in the first place and your body will go straight to using your fat stores (instead of the carbs, which won’t be there!) for energy.

Imagine how a workout will boost the burning thru those fat stores!  Again, this is an oversimplified explanation, but you get the jist!  Bottom line, all the crap ingested on Thursday night will be burning off with your activity on Friday.  And just EXISTING burns calories so imagine the added benefit of a workout!

Lastly, I want to make it clear that I’m only suggesting this as a one to two day thing!  I’m not suggesting eating this way long-term to lose weight.  However, If done with some major tweaks, this actually IS very effective for healthy, sustainable weight loss and is how I help many people shed pounds.

And lastly again, (and this time I really mean it when I say lastly 😯 ), if you’re following the one week SPLURGEDAY plan I outlined recently, this is already incorporated in there – so go ahead and continue on that plan.

You got it?  Now go get ’em!!!  Good luck!  😆

** Starchy Veggies to avoid while ‘doin’ this thang’:
Acorn & butternut and winter squashes, corn, green peas, potatoes of any kind, potatoes of any kind (including yams)


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