SO, These Two Smokin’ Hot Guys Walk Into a Bar …


two hooot guyss

They ask the bartender for a red wine and a vodka with cranberry juice (unlike the guys in this picture who are holding beers, but never mind that!). What happens next is sort of a mystery, but can you guess which one of these smoke stacks is gonna burn off their drink the fastest?  Think you know?  …….It’s the dude with the red wine!  ‘Why?’, you ask?  Well READ ON – cuz this is the stuff ya gotta know before your NEXT raging pub crawl! 😎 

(CONTINUE READING HERE)  Sometimes for me, (depending on the crowd and the venue) going out on stage requires a little ‘pre-drink of courage’. Considering the frequency that I gig, it was in my best interest to figure out the most clever way to rock out with ‘courage’, while not adding inches to my waist line. I already know that the carbs (or sugars) in alcohol are what I need to be concerned with. Carbs that are not burned off are stored as fat – and alcohol is NOTORIOUS for high carb content! (Carbs convert sugar into fat – to store for energy.)

So let’s look at wine and beer. They both start off as being very high in carbs since wine comes from grapes and beer comes from grains. Fermenting causes the yeast to eat the carbs. (Thru the fermentation process, sugars are converted into alcohol.  Kinda cool, don’t ya think?). The sugars that are leftover after this process are what determine the carb content – and this varies from drink to drink. With wine, the dryer it is, the less residual sugar (so less carbs available to be stored as fat). A sweet wine has MORE sugar left over. Both dry white and red wines only have about 4 carb grams per 5 oz glass. And if you know about the glycemic index – dry wine’s score is a big fat ZERO! Doesn’t raise your blood sugar, no insulin rush…’re good to go!

And beer – Well to start, you aren’t going to have a 5 oz glass of beer, so there’s that!  (Think: mug as compared to a wine glass.)  Also, beer is just naturally higher in carbs and calories.  Beer is just NOT an ideal choice if you’re trying to watch it.  And have you ever heard of anyone being accused of having a ‘wine-belly’? 😆  Oh, and wine-goggling?  UNHEARD OF!!

Let’s look at vodka, rum, whiskey, … distilled spirits! The cool thing about THEM is that they have nothing left BUT the alcohol, making these zero carbs. EXCELLENT CHOICE if you wanna get hammered but not fat. I’m kidding! I’m not endorsing anyone getting hammered (or am I? 😯 )  ANYWAY, …..

A huge mistake that people make, and it may seem like common sense but you’d be surprised – is adding mixers. They’re very sugary, making them very high in carbs. Adding just a half cup of cranberry juice to your vodka adds about 65 calories and more than 15 grams of carbs. Sweet and sour mixes (which are in margaritas, daiquiris…) also have more than 15 carb grams, and that’s per one-fourth cup! And liqueurs (amaretto, Kahlua) usually have tons of added sugars! Think about how much dancing you’d have to do to just burn off those carbs! (However, come to a Run Avril Run gig and I promise you you’ll burn off every last carb! 😎 )  Lemon or lime, MUCH better choices!

So here’s the deal. When I gig – I work up quite a SWEAT!!! I know that the first thing burned are those carbs. If I have just put a bunch of carbs into my body, that sucks! If I have LESS carbs in me, I can dance the night away, sweat my butt off, KNOWING that I’m digging into my fat stores.  And hangovers?  With a good dance-sweat going,  they’re NON-EXISTENT! 😆  😎




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