Shorts Weather! YIKES!!!


It’s May!  It’s already shorts weather and on some days – even BATHING SUIT weather (although I don’t know of any pools that have opened yet, so PHEW!!!  We got a  little time still!).  I don’t know about you, but this concerns me a bit (read: QUITE a bit).  I’m definitely not feeling so ready to sport the summer look.  I mean, I work out and definitely eat for health, blah blah blah – but let’s face it!  Even the most conscientious of us are probably feeling the heat, pardon the pun, right about now!  So now what?!  HELP!  Well, I have all the answers.  JUST KIDDING!  I SO do NOT have the answers!  Not by a long shot.  BUT, I do have some ideas and strategies that work for ME and are incredibly effective for my awesome and motivated clients!!  And I’m psyched to share, cuz that’s just the kinda girl I am 😉 
Let me just start off by saying, I never met a piece of (vegan) chocolate that I didn’t like.  Oh wait!  The ones that open up and have that gross cherry sh** inside – I won’t touch those!  Oh, and add caramel to that.  I’ve also never met a piece of caramel I didn’t ….  LOVE!  So indulging more than usual in the winter months is not so out of the ordinary for me.  I eat pretty well MOST of the time, but I have to step it up around now because there’s really no hiding the extra poundage when you’re in shorts and tank tops.  At least that’s MY experience. So first let me throw some “facts” at you that can help to motivate even the non-believers among us.  THEN, in my next blog, I’ll tell you what I do to “get there” – wherever “there” is.

  • You will NEVER regret a workout!
    You know on those days when you are SO NOT IN THE MOOD to work out? Have you ever pushed yourself and REGRETTED it? NEVER! So think of THAT when you’re debating a work out. Assuming the absolute worst – which is that you hate your whole work out, then it’s 45 mins of struggle, – for a full day’s worth of “YAY! I did it and now I feel great!”.
  • No matter how hopeless you feel NOW, you are always ONLY 2 DAYS away from a complete 180!
    I know that sounds crazy! I’m not saying you will change your body in two days. But you WILL change how you FEEL about your body and how you feel about your potential for success.  And that mountain that you’re standing at the bottom of, all of a sudden doesn’t seem so unscalable! If you can tell yourself that for two days you are going to a) work out no matter what, and b) eat only what you KNOW is healthy, nutritious food (I’d recommend a whole-foods-plant-based diet for those two days, going extremely light on any grains, beans, root vegetables, seeds, nuts or avocados) – I guarantee that this will be all the motivation and good-feelings you need to jump-start your journey! No matter how crappy I feel, I know that it will only take me two days to feel so much better and optimistic about where I’m at. Two days is a nothing commitment!  AND, it will totally reset your mind frame to a POSITIVE “I can do this!”.
  • When it comes to being physical, active – working out, tell yourself you can do this!
    It sounds cliché, but you have nothing to lose by really trying – and a whole lot to gain! Put on workout clothes and tell yourself “No pressure! I’m going for a leisurely walk and if I feel like picking up the pace here and there, I will. If not, I still rock for even getting out there! — True story! I have a client who needs to lose about 20 pounds. That’s not a lot! She’s been about twenty pounds overweight her entire adult life. She just isn’t into working out, she says. Her diet was okay – could definitely be better and we worked on that. But what finally made things move for her was when she hit the pavement! Motivating her was a huge challenge for me so I really pushed her to try my philosophy CUZ IT WORKS! Set a goal you know you can blow away! She didn’t like how she looked in ‘those clothes’ so I told her to throw on sweats or just a t-shirt and jeans and walk three times a week (outside or on a treadmill). She got out there and did it. She runs 3 miles now almost every day and looks amazing! She never considered herself a runner, let alone someone who would ever exercise regularly! She had a million reasons why NOT to. (She didn’t like to sweat. That was my favorite). But she had built it up to such a huge thing that seemed overwhelming to her, but the small goal of walking every day catapulted her into a runner! LOVE IT!  
  • Get out of the kitchen and away from food after dinner!
    I don’t know about you, but my nights are hard. My family congregates in the kitchen and I find myself nibbling when I really shouldn’t. Try to move the party to a different room! OR make a steadfast rule for yourself (if you’re a rule-follower) that when you’re done with dinner, YOU ARE DONE! Tea and water ONLY! Promise yourself you will not get into bed regretting the past hour! Ya may even find your spouse benefitting from this one. ……jis sayin’ 😉

    Whether you want to lose 5-10 pounds or 100+, it’s just as hard/serious/mood affecting for all of us!  How we interface with the world, in large part, has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves.  Has there ever been a day when you didn’t feel like going out and running into people because you thought you looked/didn’t look – a certain way?  I’d love to hear about it!  Because not only can I relate, but I strongly feel that food (whether we eat garbage or nutritiously) greatly affects the face (mood) we put on each day.  With the weather changing and those feel-good opportunities here, now that snow isn’t keeping us in, tapping into nutrition and health is timely.  It’s mid-May.  Summer begins June 21st.  Let’s do this!!!! 😎 (In my next blog, I’m going to talk about specifics with food and how to get to fit –  quickly and HEALTHILY!  Is that a word? 😯  )

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