Probiotics Aid Weight Loss. YUP! WEIGHT LOSS!!!


I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before. Probiotics… bacteria…. good for you…, yadda…yadda…..yadda….!  But you may actually perk up a bit when you hear the words ‘weight loss’!  I know I did!  Optimal health was my initial motivation to learn all I could on this topic, but was I blown away at what else I discovered! And, I have first-hand experience with this! Here’s the skinny:

I’m vegan(ish) so I practically tuned out on the whole probiotic thing years ago, thinking I had to eat yogurt and other dairy products to reap the benefits.  I was not interested in taking another vitamin either.

I became increasingly interested however, when I learned more about the role of probiotics and the importance of

*** (CONTINUE READING HERE) having a balance of friendly bacteria in the intestines. The bottom line is that probiotics go a long way towards protecting you from inflammation caused by many things, one of them the damage done by a less than ideal diet. Even an occasional poor food choice can wreak havoc on important gut bacteria, causing inflammation and in turn, causing HORRIBLE AND AVOIDABLE disease! Did you know that inflammation is known to cause everything from auto-immune disorders to cancers? Just by keeping your gut bacteria in check with a probiotic, you give your immune system better odds at fighting against the gazillions of things you’re exposed to on a daily basis!

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how probiotics play an important role in the way your body utilizes fat! The bacteria that live in our guts regulate fat storage and other metabolic functions. The bad bacteria actually produce insulin resistance which disrupts the metabolism of sugars. This affects the use of carbs and fats for energy in the body and causes you to STORE FAT. Taking a probiotic helps your body to discard waste more efficiently, making you much less likely to store it as, you guessed it……FAT!

Here’s more, if you aren’t yawning yet: Probiotics make your intestinal walls less permeable. As a result, fewer of the molecules that contribute to fat storage (weight gain!), obesity, type 2 diabetes and glucose intolerance are able to enter your bloodstream. By keeping these bacteria in check, you avoid these complications and keep your gut healthy, functional and able to do what it’s supposed to with your occasional (or frequent?) bad food choices. Your immune system is kept stronger and more functional!

So here’s my experience with it and why I’m SOLD!

In experimenting with and researching different probiotics, Digestive Advantage (see picture at bottom of this post) is the one that came highly recommended by a trusted source, AND has yielded results for me. I eat a pretty clean diet. But, from time to time I’m known to indulge pretty heavily. Since I began taking these probiotics before bed, I’ve noticed that my body cleans me out the next morning! THAT IS A GOOD THING! I’m not in pain, I’m not sick…..but I discard all the crap (pardon the pun) that I went nuts on the day before. Seriously, probiotics (this one in particular for me) yields me those results. I just don’t feel as horrible the day after a pig-out anymore!  I used to REALLY FEEL IT the next day when I indulged a bit too much, and I honestly don’t anymore since taking probiotics!  And, I don’t want to speak too soon…do I dare say this?  I never really get sick anymore either!

SO, that’s the my story!  Do you take probiotics? Was this info helpful to you? I’d love for you to try it and tell me what you think! Oh, also – you need to stick it out for a few days once you take these!  Even if you feel nothing OR if you feel TOO much, your body will need to adjust – and this is a GOOD (read: healthy!) thing.


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