Passover Bagels/Donuts – TO DIE FOR! AND They’re Healthy”ish”!


What do you call a cross between a bagel and a donut?  A DOGEL!  I can honestly tell you, these are “to-die-for”!  My kids actually beg me to make these even when it’s NOT Passover.   These delicacies are the first to disappear at my seders.  I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand matzo – and dogels are the yummiest alternative!  AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY OF PASSOVER TO ENJOY THESE!!  Each year I make batches for my sisters’ families (and used to make for my parents too).  I PROMISE you, you will LOVE these and thank me!  SO, I’ll give you the recipe, (with a vegan and whole-grain option as well), and some nutrition numbers too.  These are very easy to make!  You can leave out the ‘sugar’ and it’s more of a bagel.  And lastly, thank you to my mother-in-law, Sondy Burg, who introduced me to these YUMSTERS!!!  Here goes…  They will NOT disappoint 😎 …..
Here’s what you’ll need:
3 C Water
1 C Safflower Oil
6 T Sugar (or Maple Syrup)
1 t salt
3 C Matzo Meal (regular or whole grain)
6 Eggs (or 3 T Egg Replacer, which you can buy at most grocery stores)
* Bring the water and oil to a boil.
* After it’s boiling, mix in the matzo meal (keep pot on heat, boiling while mixing in the matza meal) It should be a grainy/dough-y consistency
* Take off stove and let it cool to room temp
** Pre-heat Oven to 400*
* Once ‘dough’ is cooled, add the eggs.  Mix with your hands and get it very dough-y and mixed WELL!
Now, you can either grease 2 baking sheets (it makes 22 DOGELS, so you’ll need two baking sheets!) OR you can use parchment paper OR if you don’t have baking mats, you MUST buy them!  Nothing burns or sticks on these things and they’re reusable and easy to clean!
* Wet your hands (because the batter is very sticky!) and form the dogels, one by one.  I like to use my finger to poke a hole thru the middle of each, but if you’d like it to be more of a BUN than a bagel or donut, don’t go pokin’ 😉   Also, if you want to completely leave out the maple syrup or sugar, dogels are great to use for a sandwiches or non-sweet bagels.  You can always sweeten it up later with jelly in the morning for breakfast!  Oh, I guess it would be good to tell you to bake them for 35-45 mins.  But here’s the deal:
* You’ll have TWO baking sheets so unless you can bake one at a time on the middle rack (which is ideal), you need to watch them because if you put in BOTH sheets, the lower one will cook faster.  I bake one tray at a time (I have two ovens – if you do, I suggest you use BOTH ovens too!).  Put on middle rack for 35 mins.  THEN, flip them all over and bake for another 5-10 mins.  Some of my kids love them really dough-y so I usually take out one of the trays after 35 mins and only put ONE back in for an additional 5-10.  Your call!

So, now for the calorie, fat, carb, protein break down.  First, here’s what it is with regular matzo meal, regular sugar and real eggs.  I’m giving it to you WITH and without sugar, since it’s an option to leave out the sugar:

This recipe makes 22 dogels, (or more if you make them small)
So based on 1 dogel in a 22 dogel batch, each dogel is, in grams:

Calories: 179 (take out the sugar and it’s 167)

Fat: 11.5 (no sugar, still 11.5)
Carbs: 16 (without sugar, 13)
Fiber: 3.5 (Making the NET CARBS 12.5) (Leave out the sugar, and it’s .5 gram, making net carbs 12.5 still)
Protein: 3.5 (no sugar, still 3.5)
Sugar: 4 (no sugar, you’re at .6 of a gram)

NOW for the healthier version of whole grain matzo meal, egg replacer and maple syrup (numbers aren’t that different, but nutrients and health benefits, ya just can’t measure folks!).  Like above, I’ll do this with and withOUT maple syrup, since it’s an option to leave it out (but don’t!  It’s delish sweetened!):

Calories: 171 (take out the maple syrup and it’s 157)

Fat: 10.5 (no maple syrup, still 10.5)
Carbs: 18 (no maple syrup, 14)
Fiber: 2 (Making the NET CARBS 16) (without maple syrup, fiber is still 2, but net carbs are now 12)
Protein:  2 (with no maple syrup, still 2 grams)
Sugar: 4 (with no maple sugar, we’re at .5)

So that’s my story. I know I’m getting to you late, but serve these/bring these to your seders!  I promise you’ll be invited back, assuming you want to be  😛   ENJOY and chag semeach, for those of you who celebrate Passover!  Oh, by the way, substitute matza meal for whole wheat flour once Pesach is over and tell me what you think! 😎








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