Thursday, SPLURGE Day! NO GUILT!!!


You know what’s going down on Thursday, don’t you?   And you can probably even predict how the whole thing’s gonna shake out!   You swear you’re going to be “so good” (food-wise), but then you go CRAY-ZEEEEE!!!  You have a little of this and a little of that.  You start off with the healthier choices of course, but then gradually eat your way thru every option on the table, including a little bit of each dessert.  Before you know it, you’re so full you could explode!  (But you may even keep ‘nibbling’ cuz everything looks so good and it IS Thanksgiving after all!  Oh, and did I mention the buzz  you’re sporting from the drinks you had before you even got started?  Yup, there’s that too!)  Then comes THAT time!!  You’re beating yourself up, wondering how you let yourself screw up so badly, wondering how to undo the damage done!  If you cannot relate, stop reading here.  You’re my HERO and you should be writing this blog!  Otherwise, read on, cuz I think I may have your back on this one! Continue reading Thursday, SPLURGE Day! NO GUILT!!!

Hello! My Name Is Avril Burg, and I’m a …….. FREAK!



About a month ago I met an old friend for lunch.  I knew the restaurant she chose didn’t have any protein on the menu that I was willing to eat.  Not that that’s a huge deal, but I always like to get protein in with each of my meals.  That is not easy to accomplish when eating out and following a vegan(ish) diet.  So I did what any freak who cares about their health would do.  I brought my own (protein)! 

Having to be sneaky about my “crazy” eating habits is nothing new for me.  For years I’ve done things that used to make my family cringe.  For example, bringing brown rice to Hibachi restaurants that only serve white is something my family is quite used to.  OR, bringing chopped romaine lettuce to places that only serve iceberg.  OR, bringing tempeh, tofu or a protein-powder envelope to a restaurant that doesn’t offer a protein that I will eat – this behavior is second nature to me!  Sneaking my kale from my purse to my plate?  No problem!  So proud to say, that is a routine I’ve got down!  Or so I thought.  Continue reading Hello! My Name Is Avril Burg, and I’m a …….. FREAK!

Do You Like Pumpkin Pie? Then You’ll LOVE These Pumpkin Truffles! (HEALTHY & Vegan)


Okay, before I get to the recipe, let me tell you WHY you should fall in love with these truffles, besides for the fact that they are ridiculously easy to make and taste exactly like pumpkin pie!

The two main ingredients, Pumpkin and coconut butter, are really good for you!

Pumpkin is high in beta-carotene. Experts say Continue reading Do You Like Pumpkin Pie? Then You’ll LOVE These Pumpkin Truffles! (HEALTHY & Vegan)

Drink Your Green Smoothie RIGHT AWAY For Maximum Nutrition Benefits!



Some tips for getting the most bang for your nutritious buck from your awesome glass of nature!

I used to take all morning to drink my smoothies or green drinks (now combined into one green smoothie).  I’d leisurely read the paper and start my laundry with my green smoothie by my side – taking my sweet time!  Sometimes it would take me up to two hours to devour the whole glass!  Then (years ago) I overheard someone at Whole Foods telling a customer how crucial it was to “DOWN THAT MOTHER” as quickly as possible in order to reap all of the amazing benefits.  So I went on an investigation and here’s what I found out! Continue reading Drink Your Green Smoothie RIGHT AWAY For Maximum Nutrition Benefits!

Why I Coach My Clients To Carb Cycle…..

IMG_0907 IMG_0910

Ever hear of Carb Cycling?  It’s been around for years!  Athletes  have used it to get into tip-top shape for decades!  Even the show “Extreme Weight Loss” trainer, Chris Powell, uses Carb Cycling to help contestants drop weight fast, while feeling great!  AND I CARB CYCLE TOO!

Being healthy is my number one priority.  Continue reading Why I Coach My Clients To Carb Cycle…..

MSG – What you NEED to know!


We’ve all heard of it.  And maybe you already know that MSG causes issues such as migraine headaches, diarrhea and insomnia.  Did you know that it can also cause Alzheimer’s  and many neurological issues?  MSG’s potency is serious as it is one of the only things we ingest (including drugs) that crosses the brain barrier, injuring and killing neurons.  Once in your brain, it picks at a random area and turns it on like crazy.  The result is that a random function of your body goes NUTS and you suffer some horrible, reaction. Continue reading MSG – What you NEED to know!

Why massage kale? (My kale and quinoa salad….YUM!)


Yummy salad along with grilled tempeh – awesome and nutritious lunch!

It’s amazing how just massaging kale for a minute or two (in lemon juice, or water, or olive oil, or in nothing at all!)  makes it go from dark, tough, bitter and rubbery to sweet, soft, vibrant and delish!  Did you know that massaging (yes, literally – getting your hands on your kale and massaging it) breaks down the cellular wall, completely changing it?  Massaging causes   Continue reading Why massage kale? (My kale and quinoa salad….YUM!)

GUILT! Need to work out, but NOT in the mood…..


A client asked me “What do you do on days that you have no energy and don’t want to work out?”.  Here’s MY answer and I’d love to hear from all of YOU how YOU tackle this!!

Anyway, for me it’s a loaded question! It really depends.  If I’ve worked out for several days in a row, I listen to my body and take a day off.  And if my eating/nutrition has been spot on for a while – same thing!  I take the break.  However, Continue reading GUILT! Need to work out, but NOT in the mood…..