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As you may know, I’m a nutrition and health JUNKIE!  For decades I’ve been obsessed with what is the optimal diet to enjoy ideal health (read my bio to understand why/how I came to this).  But most recently – over the last couple of months, I’ve attended many seminars on nutrition and disease and watched 15 hours PLUS of documentaries dissecting cancer.  What I’ve learned is fascinating and I’m so excited to pass it along to you in my next several blogs!

But first……  In the news lately, (CONTINUE READING HERE)
there are two things that have really jumped out at me.   Here goes!  One, the fact that processed meats causing cancer is “news”.  This blows me away.  This is new information?  And why are they only focusing on PROCESSED meats?  These findings have been available for decades!  Meat is carcinogenic.  I know meat defenders all have stories about how their great-grandmothers have eaten bacon every day for 95 years, blah blah blah…. But don’t we all know people, who know people (who know people) who’ve smoked a pack a day and lived to be 105?  Does that mean that nicotine is safe?  Does that disprove anything?

Obviously the fact that you consume something carcinogenic doesn’t mean you’re going to fall over and die. 😯 But our bio-individuality will dictate how much is too much.  Will smoking for a year give you lung cancer?  Maybe it’ll take 10 years!  Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones who never develop lung cancer OR someone who develops it just from second-hand smoke.  And how is your quality of life on those cigs?  You running 5 miles a day and enjoying white teeth and a bounce in your step?  If you’re eating things that suppress your immune system, you are not living to your full capacity REGARDLESS of how many years you get on this earth.  I love the saying ‘it’s not how many years of life, but the LIFE in your years’ or something like that.  You get the jist! 😉

The other thing in the news – I keep getting emails from physicians announcing the big new findings that drinking milk not only doesn’t provide calcium for your bones, but it LEACHES calcium from your bones. I have been reading about this for YEARS!  Haven’t YOU?  Can you believe this is actually NEWS to our doctors?  YIKES!!!  And by the way, when I addressed this years ago with doctors (when discussing my kids), I was told that it was nonsense.  I argued back only to be shut down.  It was clear to me that my kids’ doctors knew nothing about nutrition, although they sincerely meant well.  Doctors who have not studied nutrition in medical school or otherwise (which I have come to find out includes pretty much all doctors), really shouldn’t be advising about nutrition.  It’s dangerous. I knew better thankfully, but it’s nice to finally know that MDs are giving correct info to their patients when it comes to the true OPPOSITE-connection between dairy and calcium.

There will always be naysayers. And that’s okay!  But my blogging is for people who want to learn how to BE and FEEL their best!  When it comes to fighting cancer, it starts with a healthy immune system and a body free of chronic inflammation.  The beauty of it is this: When your nutrition supports your immune system, you enjoy amazing benefits – from a healthy, slender weight (which is an AWESOME byproduct!) to great skin and energy and beyond!  Every disease, from the common cold to rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, etc., … begins with a compromised immune system due to inflammation.

Lastly, I am not touting giving up meat and dairy.  I do believe there is a safe amount.  I have no idea what that amount is because that’s individual.  But, for example, if you’re someone who eats meat once or twice a week (or month) and you’re getting defensive by reading this, chill :mrgreen:  The research shows that the more you can go towards an ideal eating lifestyle, the more health benefits you’ll enjoy.  When it comes to your well-being, nutrition and lifestyle are your first line of defense!

More on this soon.  Stay tuned! 😀

Toodles 😎

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