Hello! My Name Is Avril Burg, and I’m a …….. FREAK!



About a month ago I met an old friend for lunch.  I knew the restaurant she chose didn’t have any protein on the menu that I was willing to eat.  Not that that’s a huge deal, but I always like to get protein in with each of my meals.  That is not easy to accomplish when eating out and following a vegan(ish) diet.  So I did what any freak who cares about their health would do.  I brought my own (protein)! 

Having to be sneaky about my “crazy” eating habits is nothing new for me.  For years I’ve done things that used to make my family cringe.  For example, bringing brown rice to Hibachi restaurants that only serve white is something my family is quite used to.  OR, bringing chopped romaine lettuce to places that only serve iceberg.  OR, bringing tempeh, tofu or a protein-powder envelope to a restaurant that doesn’t offer a protein that I will eat – this behavior is second nature to me!  Sneaking my kale from my purse to my plate?  No problem!  So proud to say, that is a routine I’ve got down!  Or so I thought. 

(CONTINUE READING HERE) My jig was up! My friend nailed me tempeh-handed, and I had some ‘splaining’ to do.  

The conversation that ensued was totally unexpected.  It started with me fessing up to just wanting to feel and look my best and be all I can be.  After all, isn’t that what we’re all after?  I’m passionate about health and prevention.  When I pray, the first things I ask for is for me and my family to live to be 100 and to feel amazing til that very last day.  I genuinely believe that what we eat pays a tremendous role in fulfilling that prayer, so why WOULDN’T I be a freak when I’m doing it in the spirit of trying to live life at my best?  Plus I bring so much entertainment value to my family (especially to my kids)! They practically BRAG about what a freak I am to all of their friends! 

By the end of the conversation, after talking about everything from a plant-based diet and eating your greens to the importance of cutting back on animal protein and processed foods (food dyes, preservatives…),  my friend had taken 3 pages of notes!   She even asked if she could text me (which she does regularly) with questions and advice to follow up.  I certainly didn’t expect that!  Most recently, and this is my favorite, I walked her thru blanching collard green leaves so she could use one as a wrap, to replace the flour-tortilla wrap, at her favorite restaurant.  I’ve been busted a few times doing this (by family tho, so it’s all cool!). 😎 

So even though my husband teases that in a few years when I’m 100 (gee, thanks!) I’ll be an old crazy lady with big hair up to the sky hording bags of quinoa and kale, at least we’ll be sitting side by side (and that’s only because I sneak kale and aloe vera into his smoothies)!

**BELOW IS TOTALLY WORTH READING!  Inspiring advice from Kris Carr who 12 years ago took her cancer diagnosis into her own hands.  Kris was diagnosed with an extremely rare and incurable Stage IV cancer called epithelioid hemangioendothelioma affecting her liver and her lungs. Her cancer has lied DORMANT ever since, because she 100% changed her diet. I cannot ignore the obvious role food plays in our lives. I so want this health for everyone! Bottom line, you MUST take your nutrition seriously and don’t be ashamed of being a FREAK for taking your health into your own hands!!!!  You owe it to yourself and those you love.  I hope I inspire more people to be freaks!  Read below, the advice from Kris Carr….

Reduce inflammation. Eat plants

…In a nutshell: Embrace gorgeous greens, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, sea veggies, fruits and vegetables galore. Crowd out inflammatory, hormone-filled animal products (even when organic) by filling your plate with plant-strong whole foods. And while you’re at it, dump the processed white stuff, especially sugar (it feeds cancer). Speaking of sugar, choose low-glycemic fruits and desserts. If you’re not interested in going full tilt vegan, make plants your main dish and animal products the side dish. Reduce your consumption to 2-3 times per week and avoid factory farm products at all costs

Sedentary lifestyles are actually dangerous.

While it’s important to rest, lack of exercise actually speeds up muscle wasting, weakens your endurance and immunity, and creates more fatigue. Your body needs to move and stay strong. You’ll handle cancer treatments better and recover faster when you have more muscle tone and flexibility. Did I mention proper bowel movements? Yeah, that too! Exercise also reduces inflammation and growth stimulators like estrogen, insulin and IGF-1. Studies have shown that even short bursts of exercise can have impressive results for your health. You don’t need a lot of time or fancy equipment to make a difference. But you gotta to get out of your chair and commit to some form of moderate exercise on a regular (almost daily) basis. Light weights, Yoga, dance, martial arts, whatever rings your bell! Start with 10 mins a day and see if you can work up to 30 minutes.

Source(s):  http://kriscarr.com

2 thoughts on “Hello! My Name Is Avril Burg, and I’m a …….. FREAK!”

  1. Love sister freaks! Eventually the restaurants in Ohio will catch on if the demand is there! Woohoo! You go girl!!!

    1. I know! Seriously!! Why do some restaurants serve brown rice and others don’t? Why do some restaurants have these amazingly healthy wraps, but not give you a choice to wrap it in a collard green or lettuce wrap instead of just whole wheat or corn tortillas? Whole wheat is a start I guess, but we need more options for when we are in the mood to forgo carbs. Makes me want to open my own restaurant. When I go out for Indian food, I bring quinoa instead of their rice. There’s an Indian restaurant now opening up in our town that is offering quinoa. I think they were friends with the people from that OTHER Indian restaurant and were on to me 🙂

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