HEALTHY, Vegan Reuben Sandwiches TO DIE FOR!!!


I’m back!  Didja miss me?   😥
So here’s what I’ve been up to!  I spent a little time on the east coast visiting family.  While traveling, I had a STANDOUT MEAL that I am still fantasizing about.  It was a vegan Reuben (sandwich)!  OMG!  I don’t know what it is about these that I just cannot get enough of, but the Portsmouth Brewery (in Portsmouth, NH) made theirs to-die-for!  And a brewery making vegan food?  Weird, but they MORE than nailed it!  Needless to say, I’ve been OBSESSED with making different versions of these, and like….EVERY DAY.  The good news is, depending on how you do it, they can be made to be SO HEALTHY!  So I’m gonna share, cuz that’s what I do 😉  So! … Ya ready? (CONTINUE READING HERE)

Of course ya got the sauerkraut and crunchy bread.  Those two things are a MUST or, as far as I’M concerned, it’s just not a Reuben.  Also, ya gotta pile on tomatoes, tempeh, alfalfa or broccoli sprouts and then something sweet to either DIP it in, or spread on the bread.  Since ketchup is so high in sugar, I often use balsamic reduction (because a little goes a LONG way!).  Or, sometimes I mix vegan mayonnaise with organic, no-sugar-added ketchup to make Russian dressing.  OR, have you ever seen a kumato tomato?   They’re those dark-colored tomatoes that seem to be everywhere right now – and they are AMAZING!  SO SWEET!  You don’t even need ketchup, they’re that sweet.

So here’s the really awesome news about Reubens.  When you do it vegan-style 😯  by using tempeh, you are getting a healthy dose of probiotics.

Did you know that tempeh and sauerkraut are both fermented foods – and that fermented foods are an amazing source of probiotics?  Probiotics aid in digestion and promote a healthy gut which helps digestive enzymes go to work for you.  Probiotics actually make it so that you absorb more of the nutrients in the foods you eat.   BAD gut health has been linked to many diseases and inflammation.  By eating fermented/probiotic foods, you’re giving your body the enzymes it needs to combat bad bacteria.   You are literally changing the environment of your gut and arming your immune system with the ammunition it needs to fight disease!  Probiotics have also been shown to help with weight control because of their major digestion benefits.   So go chew on THAT!

Back to my fantasy Reuben ….. Oh, wait! (here comes my ADD…), go to my Instagram page to see my Reuben attempts.  Later tonight I’ll post the one I just had for dinner.  CRAY CRAY GOOD!  My Instagram name is iavril_nutrition.  Kay, back to the topic of the health benefits of Mr. Reuben…

SO!  Rye bread!  Yes or no?  I mean, what’s a Reuben without rye?  Guess what!  Rye bread is actually REALLY good for you!  It lowers insulin response and improves blood glucose AND is known to reduce inflammation in your bod!  No crazy sugar spikes like you get from eating white flour either.  Also, rye satisfies longer than wheat.  Yup, studies have actually been done on this.  It is digested very slowly (more slowly than wheat!) because rye flour’s endosperm is much harder to separate from the bran and germ, making the bread more compact and dense.  BECAUSE it’s harder to separate the WHOLE grains of the rye flour, it retains a large quantity of nutrients, unlike wheat flour.

So to sum up, what have we learned?  😆
Eat your Reubens!  Use rye if you want!  OR, I love Ezekiel 4:9 or even better is Trader Joe’s Sprouted 7-grain bread which is crazy low in carbs, …and that ROCKS!  Organic tempeh and those kumato tomatoes are great to add sweetness!  And use a little balsamic glaze (or reduction) for sweetness, if not a vegan Russian dressing.  If you’re vegan, daiya swiss is the bomb….  Pile on sprouts and kraut!  SO GOOD FOR YOU!  And seriously, you can eat TWO of these sandwiches and not feel guilt.

Laslty, a little tip when choosing tempeh… Look for THIS one (I find it at Whole Foods) because depending on the brand, etc, tempeh can be very high in cals, fat and carbs.   The one I refer to above is the lowest I’ve found – in cals and fat and once you deduct the fiber from the carbs, you’re left with just THREE NET CARBS!  Here’s another tip (so I lied.  I shouldn’t have said “lastly”).  Cut off a chunk (about 3 ounces worth) and notice how it’s about an inch thick?  Cut into two so you have two thinner slices and make two open-faced sandwiches.

Kay, my work here is done…..  Look for my next blog on alcohol and weight!  I work with a lot of teenagers and kids entering college in the fall who want to keep their weight/health in check.  How does alcohol fit in?  And I need to be realistic.  No preaching abstinence! 👿

Til next time…. Toodles! 😎







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