Feelin’ the Thanks-iness?


Today is a day to give thanks. Obviously on this day we are supposed to look at our lives and assess all of our blessings, focusing on what we’re, ….. well, …GRATEFUL for! Easy enough, right?  Well, for me, not so much. This year it’s a bit challenging because I am not with my mother – and her absence is felt like a ton of bricks.

Last year, my mother lost her battle with breast cancer. I sincerely believe that she would be here today, showering her grandchildren with cha-chkas, if it wasn’t for her horrible diet. See, my mom, like SO many others from her generation, was raised on meat and potatoes. Even when people became a bit ‘enlightened’, she couldn’t adhere to the adage of ‘you are what you eat’. Had she made some changes to her diet, even after being diagnosed, I believe she’d be celebrating with us today.

Every day I fight the food battle in her honor. My goal for the iavril blog is to motivate and help people know HOW to be healthy! It’s way too important and irresponsible to just look the other way. So, at the risk of sounding incredibly preachy, hear me out! 😯 

(CONTINUE READING HERE) It is so fundamental! What we eat determines whether or not we thrive, what and IF we come down with ‘stuff’ – and how we feel day-to-day. Do you know that my mother’s doctors never even looked at her diet? They were only concerned with pills and invasive procedures. Again, so fundamental! If our insides are inflamed from eating processed foods and tons of sugar and we are lacking in vegetables and crucial nutrients, how do we even stand a chance? We are exposed to numerous bacteria and viruses on a daily basis. Do we come down with these things or fight them off? It’s up to US! Our diet choices determine that!

So today, in honor of those we love, let’s fight this fight together! It’s so simple. Look around the Thanksgiving table! Who do you want at your table NEXT Thanksgiving? (BE NICE!) Starting tomorrow (love that phrase “I’ll start tomorrow”) let’s be “ON” the ones we love about eating better so we can enjoy more Thanksgivings with them. If you know someone (or maybe it’s YOU!) who has a crappy diet and has no clue why they frequently feel lethargic, sick, achy, fatigued, …SPEAK UP!  Do something! You must! Life is too incredible to not live it to its fullest!  A nutritious diet is key to thriving, feeling your best and living a long, healthy life. Don’t we all owe that to ourselves?  Happy Thanksgiving folks! 😆

I know it’s not enough to just SAY “eat healthy”.  But my blogs are going to give you tips on HOW, so stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Feelin’ the Thanks-iness?”

  1. We need to now make out father eat healthier since we all want him at our Thanksgivjng table for many years to come!

    1. Dear reader (Hyleri),
      Maybe it would be best to first see how he behaves tonight. Then you could decide whether or not to change his diet 😉

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