Day after Halloween

So……  Halloween kicked my butt.  I try to follow a vegan diet (at least 80-90% of the time) for what I consider to be optimal health reasons, not ethical.  However, I LOOOOVE animals and I’m definitely more at peace knowing that I don’t contribute to their demise.

Anyway, I felt like I needed a treat last night when all of my kids were chowing down on their 10 lb bags of candy.  Nothing vegan spoke to me and since I’m not an extremist (which helps me stay strong since I think being extreme, for me, would just backfire), I enjoyed a nice dessert choc-full-of whipped cream, caramel and pie crust.  I loved every bite!  No guilt! But……

I know I need to make up for that indulgence today!  I woke up feeling sluggish and looking like I lost a night of sleep (that’s what unhealthy eating does to me!  Thankfully my body is used to healthy food!  This is now the price I pay).  Today I’ll enjoy lots of veggies and protein.  By avoiding carbs today, my body will be less likely to convert all that lovely fat from last night – into fat on my body.

If you have not yet discovered Trader Joe’s bags of Cruciferous Greens and their bagged Kale Sprouts (vitamin C powerhouse – awesome for skin and immune system) – you must go get some NOW!  So delicious when sautéed in coconut aminos (another thing YOU MUST TRY – you can get them at most grocery stores in the healthy area.  Coconut aminos taste like soy sauce but a touch sweet and SO GOOD FOR YOU!  An abundant source of amino acids and also vitamin C).  So that with a little tofu scramble – that was my high-protein fiber packed breakfast!

So there you have it.  Lots of veggies and protein today and hopefully the sluggishness will fade away – and with a 45 minute workout on my stairmaster, I may even look like I got some shut-eye last night!!  I’ll keep you posted…. 🙂  IMG_0522

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