Crazy Delicious and Clever “Recipes”….

So the reason I put recipes in quotes (up top) is because it’s TOO SIMPLE to call this an actual recipe.  However, it IS clever, if I do say so myself!  Personally, I like to keep my protein high and my carbs, fat and calories LOW.  There are so many foods I’ve pretty much avoided over the years with this philosophy in mind!  I used to LOVE pancakes and waffles, so I decided to experiment with my protein powder (I alternate between two: Vega Very Vanilla and Nutiva Hemp Protein, which is why my pancakes are green 😯 )  So here is how easy it is to turn your protein powder into pancakes or waffles and WRAPS! And then stay tuned for the most AMAZING GREEN SMOOTHIE EVER EVER EVER!!!!!  (And you MUST message me after you try it cuz I’m dying to hear your reactions!!!) 😀 

Ready for this “recipe”?  Get your one scoop of protein powder (or one serving.  That specific hemp powder referred to above is 3 tablespoons for a serving) and mix in with about 1/4 cup egg whites.  If you need to add a little more to make it pancake batter consistency (depending on the type of protein powder you use), then either add MORE egg whites or add water.  You’ll need the egg whites as PART of your liquid though.  Mix that baby up and pour your batter onto a preheated, Pam sprayed pan that’s been preheated on HIGH!  Then turn it down to medium so the pancakes don’t burn.  Wait about 30 seconds and flip.  If you need to flip again, then DO IT 😉   This can be done in a waffle-oven-thingy-doo too!

If you are vegan, you can definitely use egg replacer or flax seed eggs, but it will be pasty and very thin and you’ll probably need a little trial and error before getting them perfect, but it CAN be done!

So here’s the REALLY COOL THING!  Use a big pan and make them HUGE!  This will thin them out quite a bit.  THEN, use these puppies as WRAPS!  How clever is THAT?!  You can spread hummus (made from scratch of course to avoid the oil and tahini) and wrap in veggies and herbs…..  I love using these for wraps OR as crepes for fruit.  You can wrap fresh fruit in them and puree (organic) strawberries and pour it over with a dollup of coconut whip!

Kay, ready for the most unbelievable smoothie EVER?  I know that’s a bold statement, but these are so good that I can very confidently SAY that!  Try this and PLEASE post about your reaction!

Throw the following in a Vitamix or whatever you’d use for a smoothie:
2 Cups FROZEN Kale
1/2 Cup loosely packed mint (you want a lot!)
1/2 Frozen Banana
2 t Cinnamon
2 T Almond Butter (get organic!)
1 T Raw Honey (use RAW to get the unbelievable health benefits)
1/2 C Oat Milk (I’m sure you can use almond milk or any milk substitute, but I’ve only used oat milk in this recipe and trust me…..IT WORKS!!!)
1/2 water
Have a cup of water on-hand to add to the blender/Vitamix to help get things moving, if needed.  I usually end up adding in about 1/4 cup more while blending.
VOILA!  The consistency is SO CREAMY (because there’s no ice in here) and it is an unbelievable delicacy!  So, I realized the almond butter and raw honey do not necessarily make this low-cal, BUT….. A) the health benefits from these phytonutrients, not to mention the kale and mint and cinnamon – are CRAZY SKY HIGH!  And B) This concoction of heaven will SERIOUSLY keep you full ALL DAY!  When I make this for my husband at breakfast, MAYBE he’ll have a little snack during the day before dinner.  It is THAT filling!  And all crazy, good-for-you stuff!

Kay!  That’s it!  My two cents!  Go a’cookin’!  And keep me posted!  I wanna hear you OOOOOH and AHHHHH! 😎




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