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“The Quest for the Cure”


Over the past several months, I have been obsessed with these videos called The Quest for the Cure.  Ty Bollinger, who pioneered this video series, lost so many of his family members while watching them suffer, in his opinion – needlessly.   This fueled his determination to find a better way.   If you have 15 hours, I suggest you watch these because you will be blown away by what is uncovered here: .   If you don’t have 15 hours to spare, here’s a recap!  Read on – it is truly fascinating! 

Why do I want to focus on cancer in a nutrition blog you ask?  First of all, approximately 39.6 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with this dreadful disease at some point of their lives.  That is almost half of our population.  And as it turns out, proper nutrition is critical for prevention.  Coincidentally, while eating for the purpose of upping your odds of fighting cancer, you will reap some pretty sexy side-effects; namely – a slimmer bod, a healthy libido and a feeling of wellbeing, just to name a few.  Continue reading “The Quest for the Cure”

OOOOPS. I goofed

sauces 2

Sorry for the BLOG that was just sent to you.  It had recipes for these two AMAZING sauces (Cilantro-Lime Sauce and Vegan Alfredo) but I didn’t plan on posting that blog for a few days still.  Just in case anyone out there is actually reading my blogs, 🙄 I want to post every few days (or spread out for even MORE days), not EVERY day – cuz that’s just too much, ya know?!  Anyway, go visit me on INSTAGRAM – my user name is avrilj1 and you’ll see TONS of my meals, sauces, etc – because I’m a TOTAL FOODIE!!!  Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

Do You Like Pumpkin Pie? Then You’ll LOVE These Pumpkin Truffles! (HEALTHY & Vegan)


Okay, before I get to the recipe, let me tell you WHY you should fall in love with these truffles, besides for the fact that they are ridiculously easy to make and taste exactly like pumpkin pie!

The two main ingredients, Pumpkin and coconut butter, are really good for you!

Pumpkin is high in beta-carotene. Experts say Continue reading Do You Like Pumpkin Pie? Then You’ll LOVE These Pumpkin Truffles! (HEALTHY & Vegan)

MSG – What you NEED to know!


We’ve all heard of it.  And maybe you already know that MSG causes issues such as migraine headaches, diarrhea and insomnia.  Did you know that it can also cause Alzheimer’s  and many neurological issues?  MSG’s potency is serious as it is one of the only things we ingest (including drugs) that crosses the brain barrier, injuring and killing neurons.  Once in your brain, it picks at a random area and turns it on like crazy.  The result is that a random function of your body goes NUTS and you suffer some horrible, reaction. Continue reading MSG – What you NEED to know!

Why massage kale? (My kale and quinoa salad….YUM!)


Yummy salad along with grilled tempeh – awesome and nutritious lunch!

It’s amazing how just massaging kale for a minute or two (in lemon juice, or water, or olive oil, or in nothing at all!)  makes it go from dark, tough, bitter and rubbery to sweet, soft, vibrant and delish!  Did you know that massaging (yes, literally – getting your hands on your kale and massaging it) breaks down the cellular wall, completely changing it?  Massaging causes   Continue reading Why massage kale? (My kale and quinoa salad….YUM!)

GUILT! Need to work out, but NOT in the mood…..


A client asked me “What do you do on days that you have no energy and don’t want to work out?”.  Here’s MY answer and I’d love to hear from all of YOU how YOU tackle this!!

Anyway, for me it’s a loaded question! It really depends.  If I’ve worked out for several days in a row, I listen to my body and take a day off.  And if my eating/nutrition has been spot on for a while – same thing!  I take the break.  However, Continue reading GUILT! Need to work out, but NOT in the mood…..

Probiotics Aid Weight Loss. YUP! WEIGHT LOSS!!!


I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before. Probiotics… bacteria…. good for you…, yadda…yadda…..yadda….!  But you may actually perk up a bit when you hear the words ‘weight loss’!  I know I did!  Optimal health was my initial motivation to learn all I could on this topic, but was I blown away at what else I discovered! And, I have first-hand experience with this! Here’s the skinny:

I’m vegan(ish) so I practically tuned out on the whole probiotic thing years ago, thinking I had to eat yogurt and other dairy products to reap the benefits.  I was not interested in taking another vitamin either.

I became increasingly interested however, when I learned more about the role of probiotics and the importance of Continue reading Probiotics Aid Weight Loss. YUP! WEIGHT LOSS!!!