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Easy, Yummy & INCREDIBLY HEALTHY Recipe – Collard Green Wraps!


I LOVE making these because they’re incredibly versatile!  Whatever I’m craving is what I put in them!  If I’m in a carb mood I’ll add quinoa (I have an amazing quinoa recipe that I’ll post later…) or a rice mixture of some sort,  or just a bunch of veggies!  Sometimes I use lots of raw onion (I warn my husband when the onion craving hits!), broccoli slaw, tomatoes, peppers, edamames.  I can go all raw with my veggies or add sautéed onions and mushrooms.  The sky’s the limit!  I love to make a cauliflower dipping sauce or cashew cream sauce (I’ll post recipes at a later time – YUM!) or just some hummus or something quick from my fridge.  Spices and herbs (especially marjoram or thyme) are EXCEPTIONAL in these wraps.  These make beautiful appetizers and can even be a meal (add a protein, like tempeh)!  Okay, now for the basics…..  Here goes: Continue reading Easy, Yummy & INCREDIBLY HEALTHY Recipe – Collard Green Wraps!

Starting Friday, Get Back To Your Inner ROCKSTAR!!


Get ready!  It’s coming!  MAJOR FOOD COMA!  But I actually can’t WAIT!  Once again, this year I’m prepared.  I’m totally armed with my food-hangover remedy and I’m gonna share it with all of you cuz I’m feeling the thanks-iness!  Let’s not store that fat we inhale at Thanksgiving!  Kay?  Here’s how we’re gonna do it!   It’s easy, I swear!

Continue reading Starting Friday, Get Back To Your Inner ROCKSTAR!!

Thursday, SPLURGE Day! NO GUILT!!!


You know what’s going down on Thursday, don’t you?   And you can probably even predict how the whole thing’s gonna shake out!   You swear you’re going to be “so good” (food-wise), but then you go CRAY-ZEEEEE!!!  You have a little of this and a little of that.  You start off with the healthier choices of course, but then gradually eat your way thru every option on the table, including a little bit of each dessert.  Before you know it, you’re so full you could explode!  (But you may even keep ‘nibbling’ cuz everything looks so good and it IS Thanksgiving after all!  Oh, and did I mention the buzz  you’re sporting from the drinks you had before you even got started?  Yup, there’s that too!)  Then comes THAT time!!  You’re beating yourself up, wondering how you let yourself screw up so badly, wondering how to undo the damage done!  If you cannot relate, stop reading here.  You’re my HERO and you should be writing this blog!  Otherwise, read on, cuz I think I may have your back on this one! Continue reading Thursday, SPLURGE Day! NO GUILT!!!

Why I Coach My Clients To Carb Cycle…..

IMG_0907 IMG_0910

Ever hear of Carb Cycling?  It’s been around for years!  Athletes  have used it to get into tip-top shape for decades!  Even the show “Extreme Weight Loss” trainer, Chris Powell, uses Carb Cycling to help contestants drop weight fast, while feeling great!  AND I CARB CYCLE TOO!

Being healthy is my number one priority.  Continue reading Why I Coach My Clients To Carb Cycle…..

Day after Halloween

So……  Halloween kicked my butt.  I try to follow a vegan diet (at least 80-90% of the time) for what I consider to be optimal health reasons, not ethical.  However, I LOOOOVE animals and I’m definitely more at peace knowing that I don’t contribute to their demise.

Anyway, I felt like I needed a treat last night when all of my kids were chowing down on their 10 lb bags of candy.  Nothing vegan spoke to me and since I’m not an extremist Continue reading Day after Halloween