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Hoping To Avoid The Freshman 15? Or Sophomore 17? Or Junior…..(you get the jist!)…



I have so much to say on this subject, and granted I haven’t been to college in a LITTLE while cuz I’m in my twenties ūüėČ (wink wink wink……OH BE QUIET! ūüėĮ ), I still know how it goes down!

To be clear as to why this is a topic worth tackling, let me point out a scary statistic.¬† You ready?¬† 70% of college bound kids will pack on an average of 12 to 37 pounds by graduation.¬† That is frightening!¬† Why is this happening?¬† Well I¬†can think of a bunch of reason – but MORE importantly, I¬†have a bunch¬†of SOLUTIONS!¬† Gaining weight and losing self-esteem¬†in college do¬†NOT have to be a fait accompli.¬† Read on….
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The SKINNY on Alcohol.



Whoa!¬† It’s¬†July already –¬†and that means that in just under¬†one month, college kids will be back to hitting it hard.¬† And I DON’T mean the books!

We’ve all heard of (and probably experienced) the freshman 15.¬† But is gaining weight in college inevitable?¬† It doesn’t have to be.¬† This topic is¬†first and foremost on the minds of the 18+ year-old kids that I work with.¬† When we discuss this,¬†the conversation typically leads to an in-depth look at alcohol and the role that it plays on weight.¬† SO, since most of you out there probably engage in a cocktail or two (or 10) from time to time, let’s take a little looksie. ūüėĮ¬†¬† Here goes.¬† You scared?¬† (I know I am!) ūüėȬ† Continue reading The SKINNY on Alcohol.

HEALTHY, Vegan Reuben Sandwiches TO DIE FOR!!!


I’m back!¬† Didja miss me?¬†¬† ūüė•
So here’s what I’ve been up to!¬† I spent a little time on the east coast¬†visiting family.¬† While traveling, I had a STANDOUT¬†MEAL that I am still fantasizing about.¬† It was a vegan Reuben (sandwich)!¬† OMG!¬† I don’t know what it is about these that I just cannot get enough of, but the Portsmouth Brewery (in Portsmouth, NH) made theirs¬†to-die-for!¬† And a brewery making vegan food?¬† Weird, but they MORE than nailed it!¬† Needless to say, I’ve been OBSESSED with¬†making different versions of these, and like….EVERY DAY.¬† The good news is, depending on¬†how you do it, they can be made to be SO HEALTHY!¬† So I’m gonna share, cuz that’s what I do ūüėȬ† So! …¬†Ya ready? Continue reading HEALTHY, Vegan Reuben Sandwiches TO DIE FOR!!!

Aint Nothin’ NATURAL About “Natural Flavors”, In Case You Were Wondrin’!


So first, let me start off by saying that I¬†HATE myself for always becoming addicted to the most OBVIOUS ‘bad-food’ offenders!¬† I think, “it won’t kill me if I eat it just once”, but once becomes finishing¬†the entire¬†jar within 10 minutes.¬† So, I guess I got some splainin’ to do!¬† First, click¬†HERE to see how delicious¬†these hot cherry peppers look!¬† I mean, amAAAAzing, right?????¬† Continue reading Aint Nothin’ NATURAL About “Natural Flavors”, In Case You Were Wondrin’!

Things I Think Are …. HOT!!! (Yup! “HOT”! I’m THAT Weird!)

I’m one of those people who gets super excited about really stupid things.¬† To the point that I’m delusional enough to think that I MUST SHARE with everyone I know, and then some.¬† Like, when I discovered I could make pancakes just by using my AWESOME vegan protein powder and a little egg white, I practically screamed it from the roof tops!¬† Or when I started substituting date-paste (you’ll read about that below) for sugar in absolutely EVERYTHING, I thought I was so freakin’ clever!¬† I would tell anyone who’d listen.¬† Anyway, agree or not, I think my little “go-to things” are pretty dam HOT (if I do say so myself).¬† So here comes the sharing!¬† Buckle up! Continue reading Things I Think Are …. HOT!!! (Yup! “HOT”! I’m THAT Weird!)

A Plant-Based Diet Does Not Entail Eating Plants, ….jis sayin’


Last week I attended a beautiful luncheon that I had been looking forward to all month.¬† As usual, I ate beforehand because I wasn’t expecting there to be¬†any healthy options on my plate.¬† Boy was I¬†SHOCKED at what was presented to me!¬†¬†A beautiful scoop of quinoa¬†inside a large half of a succulent squash, atop a large salad¬†of mixed field greens.¬† WHOA!¬† Someone on the¬†food committee must TOTALLY get the benefits of a plant-based diet.¬† The woman next to me, knowing that I was health-conscious,¬†commented, “You must be thrilled.¬† Don’t you only eat plants or something?”.¬† I found this to be hilarious!¬† After¬†we both¬†stopped laughing, a great conversation ensued – and I’m going to share some of that with you.¬† LUCKY YOU!! ūüėȬ† Continue reading A Plant-Based Diet Does Not Entail Eating Plants, ….jis sayin’

Carb-Cycling! An Extremely Effective Way To CUT FAT!

carb cycling2

In a recent blog I¬†promised I’d talk more about the details¬†of carb cycling.¬† Carb-cycling is INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE, absolutely healthy and energizing – AND, depending on how ‘extreme’ you take it, gives¬†you CRAZY sexy¬†results!¬† It’s a win-win.¬† It’s the ‘diet’ of choice for many athletes and an absolute must in the body-building world.¬† So here are the basics to getting to SUMMER READY in a relatively short¬†period of time!¬† Read on for the deets…. Continue reading Carb-Cycling! An Extremely Effective Way To CUT FAT!

Appetite For PROFIT! You MUST Watch This!

eating money

Before you click HERE and watch this AMAZING video, let me give you a little background on why this is SO important.

A while back (and uh, every day for that matter!)¬†my son insisted that¬†I let him buy¬†a huge bag of potato chips because they were¬†GOOD for him!¬† He pointed out that¬†RIGHT THERE IN THE INGREDIENTS was the word¬†“natural”.¬†¬†It MUST be healthy!¬† THEN he was¬†upset¬†that I wouldn’t get him¬†a package of Ramen Noodles.¬† I¬†pointed out¬†that Ramen Noodles¬†contain YEAST EXTRACT (otherwise known as MSG) and caramel color which is a carcinogen (cancer-causing).¬†¬†Of course,¬†THEN my precious son¬†labeled me the ‘food police’ which REALLY pissed me off!¬† But it got me thinking…..¬† Where ARE the freakin’ ¬†‘food police’?¬† Do they even exist?¬† And if so, why do I find myself at the grocery store struggling like hell to give my¬†son a fighting chance of growing up without diabetes, MS, cancer, (insert disease here)….?????¬† So I did what any GOOD food-policing-pissed-off mom would do!¬† I went to my buddy GOOGLE (maybe¬†you know her?) to research WTF is going on here!¬† And that’s when I came across the book Appetite for Profit.

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Crazy Delicious and Clever “Recipes”….

So the reason I¬†put recipes in quotes (up top) is because it’s TOO SIMPLE to call this an actual recipe.¬† However, it¬†IS clever, if I do say so myself!¬† Personally, I like to keep my protein high and my carbs, fat and calories LOW.¬† There are so many foods I’ve pretty much avoided over the years with this philosophy in mind!¬† I used to LOVE pancakes and waffles, so I decided to experiment with my protein powder (I alternate between¬†two: Vega Very Vanilla and Nutiva Hemp Protein, which is why my pancakes are green ūüėĮ¬†)¬† So here is how easy it is to turn your protein powder into pancakes or waffles and WRAPS! And then stay tuned for the most AMAZING GREEN SMOOTHIE EVER EVER EVER!!!!!¬† (And you MUST message me after you try it cuz I’m dying to hear your reactions!!!) ūüėĬ† Continue reading Crazy Delicious and Clever “Recipes”….

Passover Bagels/Donuts – TO DIE FOR! AND They’re Healthy”ish”!


What do you call a cross between a bagel and a donut?¬† A DOGEL!¬† I can honestly¬†tell you,¬†these are “to-die-for”!¬† My kids actually¬†beg me to make these even when it’s NOT Passover.¬†¬† These¬†delicacies are the first to disappear at my seders. ¬†I don’t know about you, but I¬†cannot stand¬†matzo¬†– and dogels are the¬†yummiest alternative!¬† AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO¬†CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY OF¬†PASSOVER TO ENJOY THESE!!¬† Each year I make batches for my sisters’ families (and used to make for my parents too). ¬†I PROMISE you, you will LOVE these and thank me!¬† SO, I’ll give you the recipe, (with a vegan and whole-grain option as well), and some nutrition numbers too.¬† These are very easy to make!¬† You can leave out the ‘sugar’ and it’s more of a bagel. ¬†And lastly, thank you to my mother-in-law, Sondy Burg, who introduced me to these YUMSTERS!!!¬† Here goes…¬† They will¬†NOT disappoint ūüėé ….. Continue reading Passover Bagels/Donuts – TO DIE FOR! AND They’re Healthy”ish”!