Interesting tidbit – if you’re a broccoli lover like me!


(Since I’m known to ramble, I’m gonna cut to the chase – and then you can read on  for details if you have time. Here’s the bottom line: If you want to get the maximum cancer-fighting powerhouse bang that broccoli has to offer, buy it in the “locally grown” section of the produce department!  It SIGNIFICANTLY loses its cancer fighting properties within 24 hours of being harvested!)

Broccoli!  I absolutely love broccoli!  And I always feel so proud of myself after a nice big serving of this incredibly healthy, nutrient-dense vegetable!  Besides for the fact that it’s rich in fiber, vitamin C, iron, vitamin k and phytonutrients, it’s so crunchy and delicious!

But did you know that all broccoli is not created equal?  This fact really bummed me out!  Here I am sporting a huge Kool-Aid smile after a yummy bowl of Szechuan broccoli, gloating over the idea that I am fighting off disease, most importantly (to me) cancer, only to find out I’m not getting what I think I am from this veggie.

For twenty-some-odd-years, I’ve tried to align myself with the best diet possible to ward off cancer in particular!  I watched my mother suffer with this and always believed in my heart it was due to her diet which consisted of candy bars and Coca-Cola. I made it my business to seek out and dive into the foods that would give my body the best chance of fighting off inflammation and cell ‘mutations’ that could lead to this scary disease. I definitely counted broccoli as one of the toughest weapons in my arsenal. So here’s the lovely fact that I want to share with you about broccoli!!

We all probably know that once you harvest a crop, it starts to lose its nutritional value. Broccoli, however, is a standout in this unfortunately.  It starts to lose its cancer fighting compounds within 24 hours after having been taken from the ground. And after just a few days, those compounds are really super low. Just think about how long broccoli sits out before we even buy it, let alone getting around to preparing it!  Oh, and what about the truck it sat in for 1500+ miles to get to your grocery store in the first place!  My big Kool-Aid smile – gone!

But don’t freak too much just yet.  I’m on it!!!  Here’s what I’ve discovered!  How can you have your broccoli and eat it too?  Whenever possible, buy broccoli that is locally grown. Most supermarkets’ produce sections have organic veggies. If you look around that area, you will sometimes see signs that say “locally grown”. This means that they did not travel in a dark truck for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of miles before even making it to your grocery store.  I would also suggest that when you buy broccoli locally grown, you try to eat it that day/evening to get the maximum cancer-fighting affects that this powerhouse has to offer. Also, if you have access to a farmers market, those are the freshest options out there.

Anyway, to sum up, I’m not a 100% organic food, fresh market… type of girl, but some foods really do need to be organic or locally grown in order to really maximize their health benefits.  Don’t even get me started on berries! I wouldn’t even eat them unless they were organic because the bad outweighs the good.  But that’s a post for another day.

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    1. Great question!!! Can’t believe I didn’t cover that! Frozen is great for sure! Once veggies are picked, they are flash-frozen with all of their nutrients in tact. This suspends their aging and nutrient loss AND frozen veggies are usually harvested In the peak of their season. That means you’re getting your veggies at their best. Sometimes the consistency suffers a little depending on how you are going to prepare it, but it is definitely worth buying frozen. Go organic frozen for added benefits.

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