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Probiotics Aid Weight Loss. YUP! WEIGHT LOSS!!!


I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before. Probiotics… bacteria…. good for you…, yadda…yadda…..yadda….!  But you may actually perk up a bit when you hear the words ‘weight loss’!  I know I did!  Optimal health was my initial motivation to learn all I could on this topic, but was I blown away at what else I discovered! And, I have first-hand experience with this! Here’s the skinny:

I’m vegan(ish) so I practically tuned out on the whole probiotic thing years ago, thinking I had to eat yogurt and other dairy products to reap the benefits.  I was not interested in taking another vitamin either.

I became increasingly interested however, when I learned more about the role of probiotics and the importance of Continue reading Probiotics Aid Weight Loss. YUP! WEIGHT LOSS!!!

Interesting tidbit – if you’re a broccoli lover like me!


(Since I’m known to ramble, I’m gonna cut to the chase – and then you can read on  for details if you have time. Here’s the bottom line: If you want to get the maximum cancer-fighting powerhouse bang that broccoli has to offer, buy it in the “locally grown” section of the produce department!  It SIGNIFICANTLY loses its cancer fighting properties within 24 hours of being harvested!)

Broccoli!  I absolutely love broccoli!  And I always feel so proud of myself after a nice big serving of this incredibly healthy, nutrient-dense vegetable!  Besides for the fact that it’s Continue reading Interesting tidbit – if you’re a broccoli lover like me!

Day after Halloween

So……  Halloween kicked my butt.  I try to follow a vegan diet (at least 80-90% of the time) for what I consider to be optimal health reasons, not ethical.  However, I LOOOOVE animals and I’m definitely more at peace knowing that I don’t contribute to their demise.

Anyway, I felt like I needed a treat last night when all of my kids were chowing down on their 10 lb bags of candy.  Nothing vegan spoke to me and since I’m not an extremist Continue reading Day after Halloween