Appetite For PROFIT! You MUST Watch This!

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Before you click HERE and watch this AMAZING video, let me give you a little background on why this is SO important.

A while back (and uh, every day for that matter!) my son insisted that I let him buy a huge bag of potato chips because they were GOOD for him!  He pointed out that RIGHT THERE IN THE INGREDIENTS was the word “natural”.  It MUST be healthy!  THEN he was upset that I wouldn’t get him a package of Ramen Noodles.  I pointed out that Ramen Noodles contain YEAST EXTRACT (otherwise known as MSG) and caramel color which is a carcinogen (cancer-causing).  Of course, THEN my precious son labeled me the ‘food police’ which REALLY pissed me off!  But it got me thinking…..  Where ARE the freakin’  ‘food police’?  Do they even exist?  And if so, why do I find myself at the grocery store struggling like hell to give my son a fighting chance of growing up without diabetes, MS, cancer, (insert disease here)….?????  So I did what any GOOD food-policing-pissed-off mom would do!  I went to my buddy GOOGLE (maybe you know her?) to research WTF is going on here!  And that’s when I came across the book Appetite for Profit.

Wow was I outraged at what I discovered!  It is impossible to make informed food choices.  And that is by design, which is really horrifying.  The big-money-food-industry lobbies our legislators to pass laws that are in THEIR (the food companies’) best interests, NOT ours – or your children’s.  There is no accountability when McDonalds touts their healthier food choices while charging a buck for a cheeseburger and four bucks for a simple salad.

The food industry lobbies against food labeling on menus.  They lobby against banning the targeting of children in marketing (which they do in so many crazy ways you wouldn’t believe)!  They lobby against having to disclose GMO’s in their food or having to label MSG as what it is, …..MSG!.  They make up fancy names to disguise their disease-causing chemicals.  And they do this so that they can substitute their chemically-made laboratory “food” for the more-expensive REAL ingredients that consumers THINK they’re eating.  This is making us all very sick!  And it’s causing our children to develop diseases that we just didn’t SEE in kids 50 years ago!    Did you know there are no federal guidelines to define or govern the use of the word “natural” on food packaging?  And research and marketing companies have shown that profit margins go up significantly when they slap that one word on the packaging!

So are we powerless?  NO!  Knowledge is power!  Remember how outraged we all were when we learned that PINK SLIME was in our kids cafeteria food in schools?  Once we learned about that, we signed enough petitions, made enough noise that the company who made this disgusting non-food filler is practically bankrupt!

So now, onto this AMAZING VIDEO!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…. WATCH THIS VIDEO and SHARE IT with anyone you know who naturally love and obviously want to protect their kids!  The harmful chemicals that companies call “food” do not belong in the growing and developing bodies and brains of our children.  And on a side note, I’d kinda like to know what I’m eating too.  Wouldn’t YOU?  No thanks to carcinogens, arsenic, body parts I’d prefer to not ingest, etc!  Government regulates and cracks down on false and misleading marketing all the time.  Why not regulate what the food corporations are allowed to do to our food supply (unbeknownst to us)?  Instead of taking their contributions as they’re wined and dined by the billions of dollars of big-business lobbyists, our elected officials need to do what they were elected to do!  To look out for US and our well-being as individuals.  Kay, enough said.  WATCH AND ENJOY (and share!)!        ………..Toodles! 😀

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