iAvril – What I Do As a Nutrition/Health Coach!

As a Nutrition and Health Coach, I get to do a lot of different and very exciting things.  Here are just SOME of the ways I’ve helped people recently, to give examples:

* I went into the home of a client who is very concerned about her kids’ nutrition.  The mom was also alarmed because she herself didn’t know what needed to be changed or HOW.  I started out by looking thru her cabinets just to get a feel for their food practices.  I helped her family get rid of the  biggest DANGER foods, come up with great options to replace them, educated them all a little (as much as they could take in and age-appropriately of course) on what to look for in food, and then came up with a great reward system for trying new things.  Going 2 weeks (as a start) without a few (JUST A FEW) of their problem foods was the perfect, first (attainable) goal to go for.  HAPPY DAY FOR ALL!

* I took a group of people (7 to be exact) thru Whole Foods and gave them a tutorial on what to buy (buy this, not that) and WHY!  It’s important that people understand the WHY’S or they won’t be motivated to change!  They wanted to overhaul their diets to optimize weight loss.

* I had two families in my home (yup, WITH their kids) and showed them firsthand how to make quick, healthy, nutritious meals.  These were meals that even teenagers can make and LOVE because they’re delicious.  In the process, I taught them about carbs, protein, phytonutrients, combing ingredients for maximum nutrition….

* I met with a guy trying to lose weight and gain muscle.  He’s tired of being overweight and wants to start getting more active – and wants his muscles back.  I overhauled his diet BIG-TIME and gave him an education on good vs bad fats and processed foods/sugars.  I explained how crucial it is that he up his protein so that during his weight loss, he sustains muscle growth.  (I get texts from him hourly with questions about food choices.  I LOVE IT!!!)

* I sat down with a 14 year old ‘little’ girl who is at least 50 lbs overweight.  I gave her a little lesson on reading nutrition labels, making good food choices and getting more active.  I gave her specific food swaps that she’d quickly benefit from if she stuck to it for even just one week.  Slow incremental changes that aren’t threatening.  Easy does it wins the race!  Lots of little (not food) rewards in place as well for her.  We brainstormed about recipes she could make based on her favorite foods (she enjoys cooking).  We had a great time and she has called me daily to brag about her results!

* Had a client who “feels clueless” and “so far gone”.  For now, I do her grocery shopping FOR HER, go to her house and make several meals for the week FOR her and wrote out a food plan that works for HER lifestyle.  When she is ready and not quite so overwhelmed, she will accompany me to the grocery store and take over the cooking.  (She’s down 15 pounds already and has 20 to go!)

* Over the summer I had helped an 18 year old, Zoey shed her “FRESHMAN 15” she had put on over the previous school year (her first year away at college).  I told her all the changes/swaps she needed to make and educated her about what and why certain things needed to change in her diet.  I knew it wasn’t realistic to tell her not to go out drinking so we had to work on changes that INCLUDED alcohol.  I know, maybe it’s irresponsible and counterintuitive ….but I needed to work within what was realistic for HER.  Being preachy isn’t my thing.  So Saturday (yup, back to Saturday), I got a call from her (she’s down 25 lbs from the summer!) and I was on speaker phone with all of her friends who wanted to learn what to do/not do so that they could also shed their “freshman 15”.  They were truly inspired by Zoey’s weight loss and wanted the same for themselves.  They follow up with me almost daily via texts just to check in, ask questions and be motivated.  LOVE THIS!

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  1. How much do you charge an hr? I’m diabetic and the drugs just aren’t working. I’ve gained 50lbs in 3 months thanx to insulin.

    1. I’m so sorry that didn’t get your message til today! I’m $75 an hour. How long have you been on meds?

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