A Plant-Based Diet Does Not Entail Eating Plants, ….jis sayin’


Last week I attended a beautiful luncheon that I had been looking forward to all month.  As usual, I ate beforehand because I wasn’t expecting there to be any healthy options on my plate.  Boy was I SHOCKED at what was presented to me!  A beautiful scoop of quinoa inside a large half of a succulent squash, atop a large salad of mixed field greens.  WHOA!  Someone on the food committee must TOTALLY get the benefits of a plant-based diet.  The woman next to me, knowing that I was health-conscious, commented, “You must be thrilled.  Don’t you only eat plants or something?”.  I found this to be hilarious!  After we both stopped laughing, a great conversation ensued – and I’m going to share some of that with you.  LUCKY YOU!! 😉 
Okay, let me just get this out of the way.  Eating “plant-based” (or PB as we’ll call it from now on 😎 ) does not mean you go munch on your house plants.  I know that goes without saying, but I was so blown away by my lunch discussion last week so I don’t want to take anything for granted (as far as what people know or don’t know).  SO, now that we’ve cleared THAT up….. 😯

In a nutshell (and btw – nuts are PB), if it came-to-be naturally and isn’t (highly) processed, it is most likely PB!  Unlike refined and processed foods, WHOLE food PB sources are utilized differently by your body.   They provide essential nutrients and stabilize your hormones.  PB food is also crucial for healthy brain function.

PB foods also contain FIBER.  Fiber not only aids in weight management by making you feel full, but it is also key for the elimination of harmful fats and toxins.  Non PB foods do not contain fiber!  Chicken doesn’t have it.  Doritos don’t contain it.  Unfortunately, caramel doesn’t have it either.

So what ARE those lovely PB foods and how can a diet consist of only them?  It’s really very easy!  Well, kinda-sorta depending on your preferences, but the health benefits make this way of eating DEFINITLEY worth exploring.  And, I always say this, but ya know how I’m vegan”ish”?  It’s sort of a barometer that I strive to hit: eating crappy on one end, eating perfect on the other.  So if my goal is to be vegan, then I’m doing pretty well if I’m achieving this 90% of the time.  Personally, that is what works for me.  Same thing goes for plant based (ooops!  I said it!  I mean, PB).  I strongly believe (and TONS OF RESEARCH PROOVES) that a PB diet will put me at my healthiest (from weight, to physically feeling great, to cholesterol, etc.), strongest, most highly functioning – MEETING MY POTENTIAL- happy place!  So if I’m eating PB most of the time, then I’m good!  That’s how I see it (don’t judge 😯 )

Foods like brown/black/wild rices, quinoa, sweet potatoes (I avoid white potatoes cuz they suck – as far as carbs, spiking insulin…), millet, amaranth, farro, lentils, beans – these are all great carbs that will NOT spike your insulin, have plenty of fiber and of course are PB.  I highly recommend you experiment with some of the above-mentioned that you’ve never heard of before cuz they are CRAZY delicious!!

Then there are milk substitutes like soy, almond, coconut, flax, hemp, oat and rice milks that go GREAT in your oatmeal (oats – another GREAT PB food!).

Of course there are a gazillion vegetables you can enjoy.  Veggies, fruit, nuts and seeds are all PB!  SO, for example, a delicious stir fry of brown rice and black beans with tons of broccoli, maybe throw in some tofu or tempeh (both also PB) with lots of cilantro and/or ginger – YUM!  Add a little soy sauce or my fave – coconut aminos – and you’re good to go!  OR an amazing salad wrap, held together by an Ezekiel Sprouted Grain tortilla!  Add a little hummus (also PB!) to enhance the flavor!

Anyway, you get the jest.  And here’s the good news.  You ready for it? 😆   You can eat low carb (carb cycling per my last post) while still eating PB!  BONUS BONUS, right???

Kay, that’s it folks.  I’m not proofreading this so hope you all made down to this point without getting hurt.

…… Till my next post…..TOODLES!!! 😉







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