A Plant-Based Diet Does Not Entail Eating Plants, ….jis sayin’


Last week I attended a beautiful luncheon that I had been looking forward to all month.  As usual, I ate beforehand because I wasn’t expecting there to be any healthy options on my plate.  Boy was I SHOCKED at what was presented to me!  A beautiful scoop of quinoa inside a large half of a succulent squash, atop a large salad of mixed field greens.  WHOA!  Someone on the food committee must TOTALLY get the benefits of a plant-based diet.  The woman next to me, knowing that I was health-conscious, commented, “You must be thrilled.  Don’t you only eat plants or something?”.  I found this to be hilarious!  After we both stopped laughing, a great conversation ensued – and I’m going to share some of that with you.  LUCKY YOU!! 😉  Continue reading A Plant-Based Diet Does Not Entail Eating Plants, ….jis sayin’

Carb-Cycling! An Extremely Effective Way To CUT FAT!

carb cycling2

In a recent blog I promised I’d talk more about the details of carb cycling.  Carb-cycling is INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE, absolutely healthy and energizing – AND, depending on how ‘extreme’ you take it, gives you CRAZY sexy results!  It’s a win-win.  It’s the ‘diet’ of choice for many athletes and an absolute must in the body-building world.  So here are the basics to getting to SUMMER READY in a relatively short period of time!  Read on for the deets…. Continue reading Carb-Cycling! An Extremely Effective Way To CUT FAT!

Appetite For PROFIT! You MUST Watch This!

eating money

Before you click HERE and watch this AMAZING video, let me give you a little background on why this is SO important.

A while back (and uh, every day for that matter!) my son insisted that I let him buy a huge bag of potato chips because they were GOOD for him!  He pointed out that RIGHT THERE IN THE INGREDIENTS was the word “natural”.  It MUST be healthy!  THEN he was upset that I wouldn’t get him a package of Ramen Noodles.  I pointed out that Ramen Noodles contain YEAST EXTRACT (otherwise known as MSG) and caramel color which is a carcinogen (cancer-causing).  Of course, THEN my precious son labeled me the ‘food police’ which REALLY pissed me off!  But it got me thinking…..  Where ARE the freakin’  ‘food police’?  Do they even exist?  And if so, why do I find myself at the grocery store struggling like hell to give my son a fighting chance of growing up without diabetes, MS, cancer, (insert disease here)….?????  So I did what any GOOD food-policing-pissed-off mom would do!  I went to my buddy GOOGLE (maybe you know her?) to research WTF is going on here!  And that’s when I came across the book Appetite for Profit.

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Shorts Weather! YIKES!!!


It’s May!  It’s already shorts weather and on some days – even BATHING SUIT weather (although I don’t know of any pools that have opened yet, so PHEW!!!  We got a  little time still!).  I don’t know about you, but this concerns me a bit (read: QUITE a bit).  I’m definitely not feeling so ready to sport the summer look.  I mean, I work out and definitely eat for health, blah blah blah – but let’s face it!  Even the most conscientious of us are probably feeling the heat, pardon the pun, right about now!  So now what?!  HELP!  Well, I have all the answers.  JUST KIDDING!  I SO do NOT have the answers!  Not by a long shot.  BUT, I do have some ideas and strategies that work for ME and are incredibly effective for my awesome and motivated clients!!  And I’m psyched to share, cuz that’s just the kinda girl I am 😉  Continue reading Shorts Weather! YIKES!!!


mom and child
So for those of you rolling your eyes at me right now, hear me out!  This will (hopefully) inspire you 😆 .  Let me start off with a little story that STILL has me floating (and gloating!).  A few days ago, my teenage daughter ACTUALLY said this to me!  “Mom, I wish I could devote a whole week to just feeling great and working on my health!  I’d work out every day with you, maybe do two boxing classes a week – and on top of THAT, still go for walks, hikes and bicycle rides and run – and every meal would be perfectly healthy and energizing.”  …..something like that!  (I may have embellished the “with you” part when she said she’d work out every day…… ).  Anyway, needless to say, I was THRILLED!  And did I mention that I was thrilled?  Just checking.  I LOVE that I don’t have to be too preachy with my kids (even though THEY’RE probably reading this and rolling their eyes in disagreement!).  They SEE me chugging aloe vera, whipping up black bean brownies, trying that new kale recipe or a new work out class – and that I enjoy seeking out and indulging in opportunities to up the anti with my health.  READ ON! It’s fascinating!  😉 ….
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