Quick, Fun and HEALTHY Recipe That You MUST Try! SO YUMMY!!!


So here’s your mission should you choose to accept it!¬† Make these babies and do NOT tell your family (especially your kids, who by the way now BEG me to make these! ūüėé ) the ingredients!¬† These are crazy easy to make and sometimes don’t even make it into¬†my oven cuz they’re THAT delish …. for real!!!¬† Feel free to leave out the baking powder.¬† I rarely add it.¬† Kay, here goes folks… Continue reading Quick, Fun and HEALTHY Recipe That You MUST Try! SO YUMMY!!!

Bio-individuality WHO? Big Word, Cool Thoughts, Read On….

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BIO-INDIVIDUALITY.¬† Say THAT ten times fast! ¬†(Kay, don’t really.) ūüėȬ†¬† What does this even MEAN and WHY is it so important?¬† First,¬†here’s an example of this lovely word, and tell me if you can relate.¬† You and a friend BOTH decide to follow a plant-based regimen for two weeks.¬† You both weigh the same AND you each eat the¬†EXACT same foods (as each other) for¬†those two weeks.¬† At the end of that period, she’s lost a boat load of weight and you’ve lost two pounds.¬† THAT my friend, is bio-individuality!¬† Read on, cuz this is cray! Continue reading Bio-individuality WHO? Big Word, Cool Thoughts, Read On….

Crazy Delicious and Clever “Recipes”….

So the reason I¬†put recipes in quotes (up top) is because it’s TOO SIMPLE to call this an actual recipe.¬† However, it¬†IS clever, if I do say so myself!¬† Personally, I like to keep my protein high and my carbs, fat and calories LOW.¬† There are so many foods I’ve pretty much avoided over the years with this philosophy in mind!¬† I used to LOVE pancakes and waffles, so I decided to experiment with my protein powder (I alternate between¬†two: Vega Very Vanilla and Nutiva Hemp Protein, which is why my pancakes are green ūüėĮ¬†)¬† So here is how easy it is to turn your protein powder into pancakes or waffles and WRAPS! And then stay tuned for the most AMAZING GREEN SMOOTHIE EVER EVER EVER!!!!!¬† (And you MUST message me after you try it cuz I’m dying to hear your reactions!!!) ūüėĬ† Continue reading Crazy Delicious and Clever “Recipes”….

Passover Bagels/Donuts – TO DIE FOR! AND They’re Healthy”ish”!


What do you call a cross between a bagel and a donut?¬† A DOGEL!¬† I can honestly¬†tell you,¬†these are “to-die-for”!¬† My kids actually¬†beg me to make these even when it’s NOT Passover.¬†¬† These¬†delicacies are the first to disappear at my seders. ¬†I don’t know about you, but I¬†cannot stand¬†matzo¬†– and dogels are the¬†yummiest alternative!¬† AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO¬†CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAY OF¬†PASSOVER TO ENJOY THESE!!¬† Each year I make batches for my sisters’ families (and used to make for my parents too). ¬†I PROMISE you, you will LOVE these and thank me!¬† SO, I’ll give you the recipe, (with a vegan and whole-grain option as well), and some nutrition numbers too.¬† These are very easy to make!¬† You can leave out the ‘sugar’ and it’s more of a bagel. ¬†And lastly, thank you to my mother-in-law, Sondy Burg, who introduced me to these YUMSTERS!!!¬† Here goes…¬† They will¬†NOT disappoint ūüėé ….. Continue reading Passover Bagels/Donuts – TO DIE FOR! AND They’re Healthy”ish”!