Poopie Brownies! Yummy Recipe That’s Healthy and Makes You ….

THESE ARE SO DELICIOUS!!!  And I’m sorry for the title of this, but there’s no better way to describe these.  They just have that very desired and healthy affect of …….. making you ‘regular’, for lack of a better term! 😯   I know my kids will deny that they LOVED these, but they’re totally full of sh** (well not anymore, because they ate my poopie brownies 😉 )!  These are yummy, guilt-free and HIGH IN FIBER, making them SO good for you.  The main ingredient, black beans, is why I properly named these “POOPIE BROWNIES”! Continue reading Poopie Brownies! Yummy Recipe That’s Healthy and Makes You ….

Foods Disguised As Healthy, But ….. SUCK!



I recently received a comment/question (which I’ll post below for you to read) from a reader (Amy) about my last blog on carrageenan – and I think it’s definitely worth expanding on.  Like Amy, I drank almond milk because for ME, it was a better alternative than milk.  If I want calcium, there are far better AND SAFER options than cow’s milk.

In my studies thru Cornell, I came across the dangers of carrageenan.  Being the avid nutrition-label-reader that I am, I FREAKED when I realized that carrageenan is one of the ingredients in my almond milk.  Needless to say, I dumped it and have fortunately found other brands that do NOT tout carrageenan as one of their ingredients.  But this lead me to panic a bit because WHAT ELSE am I ingesting while thinking I’m doing my body good?!  So here goes… my upward spiral to weeding out unsafe ingredients that the food industry has so cleverly disguised as healthy!  Continue reading Foods Disguised As Healthy, But ….. SUCK!

Do You Take Your Milk WITH or WithOUT Carrageenan?




A heads up!  If you drink almond milk, you may (no, you DEFINITELY) want to check the ingredients to be sure that carrageenan is NOT listed on there!  If you already know this, stop reading here.  But if you don’t, you must know this because it is such a harmful additive and it can SO easily be avoided! Continue reading Do You Take Your Milk WITH or WithOUT Carrageenan?

Strategies For A Pig Out ….. And No Judging!


Last week I received an email from a reader asking me if I’d do a blog on how I handle food cravings and that urge to pig out.  She didn’t think it was funny when I said “I handle it by pigging out”.  The truth of the matter is, sometimes I DO.  I’m human.  Ya gotta let yourself indulge, like REALLY indulge – once in a while – and NOT beat yourself up.  It’s a slippery slope.  Personally, when I feel that I’ve totally screwed up and have fallen SO low, it’s easy for me to keep going and say “what’s the use? I’ve already screwed up!”.  Can you relate?  The outcome will be so much better though if you give yourself a freakin break!  Indulge!  And then say, “I’m done. I really enjoyed that.  Now back to my healthier ways.”.

But what about those times when you’re on the edge, you haven’t caved YET – and you’re REALLY craving something that you know is SO not good for you?  Well, I DO have some strategies that I use, and I’d LOVE to hear YOURS!!!  Here’s the rule though.  Don’t beat me up for my game plans cuz what works for me may not be for you.  (And some of my tactics may definitely rub you the wrong way.) With that said, here goes: Continue reading Strategies For A Pig Out ….. And No Judging!

Candy Bar or GINORMOUS Salad? Hmmm! (Some Fun Comparisons.)


A lot of people who I work with seem to know a lot about nutrition already. Those are by far my easiest clients – because they just GET IT!  So currently I’m working with a gentleman who is trying to lose about 80 pounds and get off of his diabetes medications. The other day he confessed to me that when he gets hungry in the middle of the day, he will run down (to the lobby shop in his office building) and grab a Hershey’s candy bar. “Wait. You’re telling me that when you feel hungry, a candy bar is your go-to answer?”  Of course I said this as unemotionally as possible, but when I heard a very intelligent, well-educated man say he does something that I just assumed everyone KNOWS is a no-no, a light went off in my head.  I hope he couldn’t read the cartoon over my head, but it read “THANKS DUDE!  GREAT BLOG TOPIC!”

With that, here are some very interesting food comparisons, just for fun!  Ready?  Kay, here goes: Continue reading Candy Bar or GINORMOUS Salad? Hmmm! (Some Fun Comparisons.)